Omaha Trans-Video specializes in transferring old or obsolete video and audio formats to current usable formats.  We maintain a full complement of working equipment for converting your valuable information to a format you can use.
Video can be transferred from 1" Type-C videotape, 3/4" U-Matic videotape, VHS or Betamax, PAL VHS , PAL 8mm or PAL MiniDV.
In the still image department, we can transfer standard 35mm slides to high resolution .jpeg files and also to DVD.
Audio also has quite a variety of obsolete formats.  We can convert 2 or 4 track 1/4" reel-to-reel audiotapes recorded at any speed, antique Home-recorded 78 RPM records, and any of your treasured records recorded at any speed.  Cassette tapes can also be converted to CD or mp3 files.


3/4” - 1” - BetaCam SP
DVCPro - DVCam
To DVD or MP4 file

1-15     minutes $25.00

16-30   minutes $30.00

31-60   minutes $40.00
61-120 minutes $55.00
$5.00 per tape assemble fee.

78’S to  CD          $3.00 per minute
LP to CD              $2.00 per minute
1/4 Reels to CD   $2.00 per minute
Cassette to CD    $1.00 per minute

$25.00 minimum on all audio transfers