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Prices include 2 wireless microphones,
one master DVD with custom printing included.  
Videographers will attend rehearsal (when possible),
arrive on location at the start of picture taking and stay
at the reception through the dollar dance. Samples of our work
are available to be seen in our studio by appointment only.
A non-refundable deposit of $250.00 for Package #1 and  $500.00
Package #2 needs to be paid 60 days prior to your wedding to hold the date.
Balance of payment is due when finished DVD’s are picked up, approximately
1 month after the wedding date.

Additional production beyond an 8 hour day is $150.00
each additional hour. Meal must be provided to videographer
at reception.

Photo Montages
$1.65 per photo, $7.95 per song, $18.00 per graphic page,
$25.00 master DVD, $7.50 DVD copy.
$45.00 BluRay Master, $12.95 BluRay Copy
$25.00 mp4 file

We suggest using around 100 photos. This will give you a 10-12 minute show.
Video Projector $150.00 includes set-up and operator.


2 Cameras
Ceremony                                      $600.00
 with edited highlights                  $950.00
 with reception & highlights          $1750.00

3 Cameras
Ceremony                                    $900.00
 with edited highlights                 $1250.00
 with reception                             $1750.00
 with reception & highlights         $2250.00
Rehearsal & Pre-Nuptial Dinner     $150.00
                                                     per hour

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